Teaching Tip :: Let Go of Perfectionism {video}

Teaching and leading others takes courage and skill. When you teach power yoga classes, the aim is to help students generate and expand their life force energies and their senses of what is possible in their bodies and lives. If you’re using your energy in class worrying about messing up, saying the wrong thing, or forgetting your sequence, you’re focusing on you rather than your students. Free your energy so that you can fully be with for everyone that showed up for your class. Let go of trying to be perfect.

I’ve taught a lot of classes, and I’ve messed up, said the wrong thing, cued the wrong side, or had an awkward moment in every single one of them, and sometimes I’ve completely fallen flat for an entire class. Teaching is a practice, just like asana. Sometimes you’ll go through the motions, other times you’ll nail a pose that you’ve been working on for a long time, and other days you’ll completely surprise yourself and learn so much in the process.

The thing with both teaching and practicing is that you have to keep showing up and know that falling and picking yourself back up is all part of the process. Some days you’ll stumble, and some days you’ll shine. The more you let go of your ideas of right or wrong, and let go of trying to be perfect, the more you can learn in every class, connect with your students, and allow your creativity and clarity to develop in your teaching. Let go of the worry and have fun!

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