Are you a yoga teacher looking to dig deeper in your studies, clarify your offerings, and make a bigger impact? 

Do you know that teaching is your calling, and feel like you could benefit from the guidance and mentorship of a seasoned teacher?

Are you ready to step into your full power and purpose?

This program will help you elevate your teaching and leading, fully embody your wisdom, refine your unique offerings, and expand your impact.

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Growing your yoga business and brand both in-person and online requires creativity, dedication, commitment, and self-awareness.

In an crowded industry that is constantly changing, it is essential to set clear goals, stay grounded in your practice and studentship, and design content that is driven by your strengths and intuition. 

This mentorship program is designed to help you bridge the gap between your training, and leading programs that uplift and inspire others.

I'll help you get clear on what you want, articulate your unique gifts, and elevate your offerings. All of this will lead you to greater satisfaction, purpose and impact.

When I first started teaching, I was lucky to have close mentorship and guidance as I took my first steps. My teacher took my classes regularly, gave me individualized and direct feedback, pointed out my blindspots, and helped me learn how to create a powerful experience of a yoga class, not just an effective sequence.

Later I got to work by the side of my teacher and mentor, Baron Baptiste. I traveled the world assisting and developing his teacher trainings, leadership programs, workshops and more. I learned directly from him how to create content, be essential in my speaking, refine my teaching and leading, and share authentically and in a way that makes a real difference for others, on and off the yoga mat.

It's because of my incredible teachers, their investment into me being my best, their honest reflections, and their mentorship and guidance as I’ve grown as a teacher and human being.

It’s my honor to be able to share what I’ve learned, and how I’ve learned with you.

This is the spirit in which I created this program. You’ll get guidance and tools for you to expand your teaching and thrive.

You are here to make a difference.
I am here to help.


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All calls will be recorded and will be sent if you are unable to be on the call.

Please note: This program is only offered a few times per year.

Get on the Waitlist for Summer 2020


It’s essential to clarify your why before you get into action. In our first session we’ll establish your aim, clean out limiting beliefs, and get crystal clear on what inspires you and fuels you.. Your aim and intention give you access to the power of creation. Learn to develop unique offerings and authentically share your gifts with the world.


Your inner alignment creates your outer expression. In this session we’ll focus on effective and soulful content creation. When you are in love with what you do and share, people will resonate and respond. We’ll dig into how to align and design your classes, workshops, events, playlists and other offerings. 


Teaching yoga today requires marketing, events, online offerings, social media and more. In this session we’ll explore the business of yoga, your brand, and how to share you message beyond the walls of a studio. We’ll discuss how to infuse your passion and purpose into your offerings, how to edit and elevate, and how to develop an action plan to put your wisdom into practice.


Now is your time to expand and shine. In this session we’ll focus on rituals that keep you grounded, energized, and inspired to do what you love. This includes self-care, your studentship, scheduling, energy management, balancing relationships, nutrition and more. Taking care of your body and soul is key to your successful business, and being present and joyful the process.

What’s included:

  • Four hour-long group video calls: Aim, Align, Integrate and Expand
  • Four live online practices with Leah on
  • Weekly homework and an accountability partner
  • Templates for classes, meditations, workshops, trainings and promotions
  • Lifetime access to our online community
  • Exclusive bonuses to empower you, elevate your classes and expand your impact

Do you want this kind of program with personalized coaching?