#SummerIntentionsStrong Rules

So we’re gonna keep this contest pretty easy- just shelling it out in layers so you don’t get overwhelmed!


1. Repost our Main Graphic

2. Follow the Hosts

3. Follow the Sponsors and Gifters

4. Use #SummerIntentionsStrong on all of your posts so we can find them.

5. Tag @travelingmats, @leahcullis, @simplysadiejane, @simplyrealhealth, and @anneacraig in your entries so we get notified when you post!

6. You can enter on one day, all 5 days… We don’t care! Whatever you are inspired to do. Whatever you’re inspired to talk about.


Every day this week we will be asking you a question to do with an element of your life.

We’re asking you to recognize where you are- And set an intention for where you want to go in that area of your life this summer. Maybe a big goal, maybe a small one… Whatever you want.

It’s my firm belief that we can use this platform to encourage each other instead of comparing, and do it openly. You know how it feels when you have your friends behind you in something you’re doing? You feel that power, you feel that support.

I want us to do that here.

I want to stress this: it has nothing to do with the picture you post. Yeah, post something you relate your answer to…

But I want you to speak freely. I want you to get rid of the idea of sounding dumb, or scared of saying what you really want.


Say it all. Because we want to hear it. And because if you can’t say it, how are you going to get it?


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