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About Leah

I am passionate about inspiring and sharing yoga, health and wellness in the world. My mission is to be help people integrate the practices and principles of yoga and wellness into their daily lives for more power, ease and joy.

After years of allowing my work to consume most of my time, my body was calling out for my attention through a series of breakdowns. I prioritized my practices of mindfulness, yoga, healthy eating and healing my body and relationships. I’m grateful for the opportunities to live, teach and practice.

Life is a dance and not a perfect path. I’m committed to having fun, loving big and living a vibrant life.


When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned aroundWillie Nelson


The only thing that can grow is the thing that you give energy to
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sun 22
Aug 10

Field of Yogis Festival – Cedar Rapids, IA

August 10 - August 12
Cedar Rapids IA
As we journey inward, we reflect our light outward.
Baron Baptiste


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We all have a destiny, a dharma to fulfill, and there are endless opportunities, people, and circumstances that surface throughout our lives to illuminate our path.Dr. Wayne Dyer