40 Days to Personal Revolution

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It’s been said that it takes 40 days to change or break a habit. This is the principle behind Baron Baptiste’s 40 Days to Personal Revolution book and breakthrough program, and we are so excited to have Master Baptiste Yoga teacher, Leah Cullis, bringing this program to Wanderlust Austin.

Intro to Yoga: Workshop & Clinic for Beginning Yoga Students

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In this workshop, Leah and Kate will lead you through a brief discussion on the central and foundational components of a yoga practice. Your questions are welcome and encouraged as they serve to help others in the class gain a deeper understanding. Following discussion, Leah and Kate will guide you through the foundational postures, one at a time, with alignment cues emphasizing what is most important in getting started.

Wanderlust 300-Hour Teacher Training Program

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Wanderlust Yoga Austin is thrilled to announce our 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training Program. In this program you will refine and master the material introduced in your 200-hour teacher training, explore in greater depth the many pathways of the practice, and further develop your unique voice and style as a yoga teacher. This 5-month program will equip you with a broad and deep set of skills and insights to integrate into your practice and your teaching. The “advanced” aspect of this program is not simply about advanced postures, but about moving beyond knowledge and into a practiced and embodied understanding of the topics we consider essential to your growth as a professional yoga teacher.

This program is designed around a strong and supportive mentor-apprentice relationship, and our intention is to create an environment of focus, exploration, deep understanding, and growth. We have assembled a team of senior teachers, mentors and experts to offer a comprehensive, well-rounded program steeped in lineage, tradition, and years of dedicated studentship and teaching. Our teaching team will guide you into the practices that are at the heart of yoga and prepare you to lead your students with confidence, compassion and skill.

Pillars of Power Yoga with Yoga Journal & Baptiste Yoga – ONLINE

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In the Pillars of Power Yoga course with Leah Cullis you will spend five weeks transforming your life through the tools of yoga including meditation, asana and inquiry. Centered around the Five Pillars of Baptiste Yoga, you will study: focus, breath, foundation, heat and finally flow.

The Power of Yoga – #SummerIntentionsStrong

Join the full #SummerIntentionsStrong challenge on instagram! Participate everyday this week (June 20-24) and you’ll be entered to win an amazing gift pack that includes my Pillars of Power Yoga course with YogaJournal.com. Here’s my post from this morning. Please join me on instagram and share your summer intentions! I used to work in the high-paced world of political campaigns. I …

#SummerIntentionsStrong Rules

So we’re gonna keep this contest pretty easy- just shelling it out in layers so you don’t get overwhelmed! OFFICIAL RULES TO ENTER 1. Repost our Main Graphic 2. Follow the Hosts 3. Follow the Sponsors and Gifters 4. Use #SummerIntentionsStrong on all of your posts so we can find them. 5. Tag @travelingmats, @leahcullis, @simplysadiejane, @simplyrealhealth, and @anneacraig in …

Yoga Journal LIVE! New York City 2016

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LIVE Pillars of Power – SOLD OUT! Baron Baptiste & Leah Cullis – Course ID: AFBAPT Friday, April 8 — 9:00am – 4:30pm Friday Full-Day Workshops Mixed Levels Join Baron Baptiste, the founder of Baptiste Yoga and his master teacher, Leah Cullis, as they take you through the 5 pillars of power: drishti or focus, breath, foundation, heat, and flow. Plus, …

Baptiste Yoga 200-Hour Expand Your Power Training – Lafayette, LA

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Begins April 1 – 3, 2016 Facilitator: Leah Cullis, Certified Baptiste Teacher Studio: Oui Power Yoga, Lafayette, LA Register: Baptiste Yoga The Baptiste Institute’s Expand Your Power Training Program is an extraordinary and NEW opportunity for you to deepen your yoga practice and expand the benefits into all areas of your life. Discover for yourself how Baptiste Yoga™ and the …

8 Warming Winter Poses

Featured on YogaJournal.com Get Started Breathe: Cultivate Ujjayi breath. Breathing slowly through your nose, slightly constrict the back of your throat and begin to heat the body with intentional breath. Let the sound and warming temperature of your breath be your anchor into your body. Warm up: Start with 3 rounds each of Sun Salutation A and Sun Salutation B. …