THRIVE Teaching Mentorship

This teaching mentorship program is designed for teachers who have graduated a 200-hour program and are interested in furthering their education in order to become a more confident, effective and inspired yoga teacher. This program is specifically for teachers familiar with Leah’s style of teaching or those who have completed a Baptiste (Power Vinyasa) yoga training.

Teaching mentorship is a partnership designed to assist you in refining your teaching to create more freedom, power, ease and effectiveness. The intention for this program is to provide a focused, specialized and worthwhile educational experience through the guidance of a seasoned teacher, and to set you up for success in your career as a yoga teacher. This program is the perfect bridge from training to teaching. Through one-on-one sessions and time in the studio, Leah will share and work with you to:

  • Market and promote yourself and your classes
  • Manage relationships of the yoga industry
  • Stay present and hold space for transformation and growth
  • Give and receive feedback
  • Close the gaps between your intentions and your impact
  • Land your teaching in your students bodies and hearts
  • Create sustainability and inspiration in your practice and teaching
  • Bring your practice to life
  • Use essential powerful, clear language in your teaching and leading

During this commitment you will have four one-on-on meetings with Leah that will be focused on your unique needs and growth. Additionally you will be required to attend a minimum of four of Leah’s public classes, and complete outside reading and writing assignments. After your four sessions, Leah will attend one of your classes or you can submit a video of your teaching and you will receive feedback in return.

Take action and create extraordinary results with the support of a mentor as your begin your teaching career. Commit to your growth today and shine!