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Wanderlust Yoga Austin 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

In this program you will refine and master the material introduced in your 200-hour teacher training, explore in greater depth the many pathways of the practice, and further develop your unique voice and style as a yoga teacher. This program will equip you with a broad and deep set of skills and insights to integrate into your practice and your teaching. The “advanced” aspect of this program is not simply about advanced postures, but about moving beyond knowledge and into a practiced and embodied understanding of the topics we consider essential to your growth as a professional yoga teacher.

This program is designed around a strong and supportive mentor-apprentice relationship, and our intention is to create an environment of focus, exploration, deep understanding, and growth. We have assembled a team of senior teachers, mentors and experts to offer a comprehensive, well-rounded program steeped in lineage, tradition, and years of dedicated studentship and teaching. Our teaching team will guide you into the practices that are at the heart of yoga and prepare you to lead your students with confidence, compassion and skill.

The Advanced training is facilitated by Leah Cullis and Kate Waitzkin, and features weekend workshops by Wanderlust senior contributing teachers.

Program Dates:
The Wanderlust 300-hour training includes six 5-day intensives over 6 months.

Module 1: September 13-17
Module 2: October 11-15
Module 3: November 2-5
Module 4: December 6-10
Module 5: January 24-28
Module 6: February 14-18

Praise for the Wanderlust 300-Hour Advanced Training ::

The Wanderlust Advanced Teacher Training asks you to step out of what’s comfortable and step into what’s possible. The 300 hour process mirrors and honors our lifelong journey as both student and teacher. Guided by Kate and Leah we take a stand for ourselves and we take a stand for each other. By looking at what is working and what is not working we refine our tools and explore the mastery of teaching. The daily inquiry work asks, “What’s opening up for you?” Deep in the midst of the messy process of growth we are asked over and over to notice, to listen, to feel and to be authentic with our words. Using feedback as a gift we hold each other to the highest version of ourselves as teacher and we begin to step into What’s Possible.
Linda Fenelon, Creator of NuPower Yoga, traveling yoga teacher and health coach

Wanderlust’s 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training was a yogic laboratory of learning and connection. This program was designed to positively transform not only my teaching but also my life and the way I relate to others. Days were filled with laughter, tears, a-ha moments, vulnerability, and mind and heart expansion. I am ever grateful for my teachers Kate and Leah and for the grace they extended and accountability they expected from us; I never doubted their support or desire to see us be the best versions of ourselves. And I now have an amazing fellowship with other teachers from which to draw inspiration and strength; they will forever be friends and teachers shining their beautiful light on my path.

Julie Oliver, YoStrong and Power Yoga Teacher at Wanderlust Yoga Austin

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