I am passionate about inspiring and sharing yoga, health and wellness in the world. My mission is to be help people integrate the practices and principles of yoga and wellness into their daily lives for more power, ease and joy. As a teacher and holistic health coach, I believe that yoga is an opportunity to align your body, breath, and thoughts with your highest intentions.

I have been featured on the cover of Yoga Journal Magazine, and I lead the NEW Yoga Journal online course Pillars of Power Yoga. I contribute to yogajournal.com and teach with Yoga Journal LIVE conferences.

I had the great honor of leading the White House Yoga Garden and a team of nationally recognized teachers at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll from 2009 through 2016. Each year we shared yoga with over 30,000 children and families on the White House lawn as part of a Presidential initiative to encourage healthy and active lives among children.

I am a senior Baptiste Power Yoga Teacher, 500-hour E-RYT and a Leader Teacher Faculty member with the Baptiste Institute. I have worked alongside her teacher, world-renowned yogi and author Baron Baptiste, since 2009 designing and delivering transformational Baptiste Yoga programs, and lead trainings around the country on behalf of the Institute. I’ve been featured sharing the Baptiste practice in Yoga Journal Magazine and online, and I am in Baptiste’s Ignite and Integrate DVD.

I teach  trainings, classes and workshops at Wanderlust Yoga in the heart of downtown Austin, TX. I lead the 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training and the 200-Hour Power Yoga Teacher Training.

I am an All-Star teacher with DoYouYoga.com. I created the Ultimate Guide to Power Yoga, and a free 14-day Power Yoga Challenge with 20 thousand participants from over 20 countries.

I am always a student first. I continue to deepen my studies of life and yoga with my teachers Baron Baptiste, Jonny Kest, Lama Marut, as well as the many other incredible teachers I’ve been blessed to get to study with along the way. I am a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and have studied at the Optimum Health Institute.

I’m a passionate supporter of the Africa Yoga Project, a non-profit sharing yoga to create jobs, healthcare, unity and peace throughout Africa. I am a two-time Ambassador for lululemon in Austin, TX.

I have some exciting projects coming soon, so please stay in touch for updates! Coming 2018:

  • So much more Power Yoga!
  • My book coming with practices and lifestyle choices to help you cultivate vibrant energy.
  • 5-Day Vibrant Energy Cleanse e-book and online program
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I found my yoga practice when I hit a breaking point with my body and my life. In my mid-twenties I landed myself in the emergency room with half my body going numb. A nagging old injury was my body calling out for my attention, and a trip to the emergency room became my wake up call. I was stressed out and burnt out, and needed a way back to my own power.

The physical practice of yoga served as my vehicle to rebuild strength, sensation and connection as I re-awakened my body. Recognizing that my body was communicating so much more than just persistent old injuries from cheerleading in college, I used this humbling moment to wake up and start living a more purposeful and vibrant life. Rather than pushing forward I started to go within, and I used Yoga as my roadmap for a new journey, a new way. I chose to look for the light and to find wisdom in my fall.

On my mat, I was able to get out of my head and rediscovered feeling home in my body. I got access to a deeper understanding through my body. I saw that at the core I was the same person, whether I was in a yoga pose, or in my relationships, in my work or anywhere in my life. Yoga has taught me how to bring things together; how to unite my body and breath, my mind with my intentions, and my actions with purpose. I’ve learned that it’s not how far I go in a pose, it’s who I am in the pose that matters.

I poured myself into my quest to live a more purposeful and fulfilling life. I have studied under some of the most renowned teachers of the yoga, healing, meditation, nutrition, and metaphysical realms. Through my personal experimentation with food, movement and holistic living, I have found a spiritual and physical balance, and created daily practices to increase my energy and expand the healing power that I found on my mat into all areas of my life.

I’ve learned that falling is essential for growth. We have to know our edges to find center. It’s all an opportunity to connect, to love, to celebrate, and to create, especially when we feel like it’s all falling apart. Every breath is an opportunity to create purpose, and I choose to be powerfully imperfect.

My mission is to be help others integrate the practices and principles of yoga and wellness into their daily lives for more power, ease and joy. I aim to inspire health and wellness in the world through synthesizing ancient practices and principles, and making them accessible and practical for life today.


YOGA: Yoga is more than movement, it’s a context for life. Yoga is my lens for living.

FOOD: What we eat fuels our life. Food creates the foundation for vibrant health and energy.

JOY: What we celebrate we expand. Choose joy, choose love, and choose light.

PURPOSE: Every breath is an opportunity to create purpose.