Baptiste Yoga: 10 Poses for Strong Abs

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The core is the power source within the body, so strong abs are so much more than something to strive for in the summer. Powerful abdominal muscles support your everyday movements, improve your posture, and stabilize your lower back. On the mat, strong abs create more efficient movements throughout every pose. There is power in moving from your physical center and cultivating core strength. Off the mat, this deep source of strength allows you to move through the world with more grace and ease, and puts you in touch with your personal power.

These 10 poses target the crucial core muscles, as well as engage and empower your total-body strength. In this sequence, we’ll focus on toning and strengthening your abs. I suggest starting with 3–5 rounds of both Sun Salutation A and Sun Salutation B as a warm-up.

  1. Cat pose crunches
  2. Plank pose
  3. Side plank
  4. Dolphin plank
  5. Revolved chair pose
  6. Crescent lunge
  7. Half moon pose
  8. Triangle pose variation
  9. Boat pose
  10. Crow crunches

Read the full article for photos and a description of each pose.

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