Weekly Classes in Austin, TX

I believe that yoga practice is an opportunity to come fully into your body and into the moment, while aligning your body, breath and being with your highest intentions. I infuse vitality, openness and connection into my classes as I encourage you to find your unique edge. Come prepared to breathe, sweat, and flow together. We’ll build from a foundation of steady, full breath and gratitude. All Classes are at Wanderlust Yoga, in the heart of Austin, TX.

Wanderlust Domain (North):
Mondays 12noon and 6pm :: Power Yoga

Wanderlust Downtown:
Wednesdays 6pm :: Power Yoga
Fridays 9:30am :: 75 minute Vinyasa


One-On-One Yoga Session

I will work with you to create private yoga and wellness packages tailored to meet your specific goals and needs. Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced student, you will receive individual attention on different aspects of your yoga practice and expanding your practice off your mat. You may have an interest in learning more on building healthy alignment, deepening your current practice or adapting your practice due to an injury or unique needs. We’ll work together to strengthen, open and empower your practice and your life.

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